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Very little to report this week. The XAO fell back a little (0.4%) and there is little indication which way price will move next week. As it has generally been alternating between higher and lower prices, the ‘flip of the coin’ probability suggests a better result next week.

My own trading has been frustrating with CIM dropping 20% on a profit release that failed to meet expectations (an overreaction? Time will tell). NEA fell 12% after a short attack which several analysts have refuted today (and hopefully price will recover Monday). LTR rose 11% and VOC I sold after it jumped 18% leaving me up 50% on a 5 month trade). Overall I was down 1.4% for the week.

Given the lack of an obvious market direction there are few stand out trading opportunities that I feel are worth including in my Stocks to Watch (although I reinstated CHN as it again looks to have promise). None of the existing listings have been deleted.


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