While my Blog is a weekly commentary on the market in general and actual trades made, you can see some of my past analysis by clicking on the links below. That analysis is only current at the date shown and may no longer be valid. With share charting there are usually competing alternative views and being an art not a science, different outcomes might come to the fore as price unfolds. Anyone looking for commentary on 'Penny Dreadfuls' will be disappointed. As my education says, I don't recommend trading low value stocks and generally avoid anything with a price of less than $0.10.

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IMPORTANT: sharecharting.com.au does not provide and is not licenced to provide financial advice. The views expressed here and elsewhere are purely educational in nature. References to past performance of stock prices are not necessarily indicative of future results and it should not be assumed that the methods and techniques outlined on this web site will be profitable and not result in losses. Opinions expressed are not a recommendation to deal in any specific investment – they are merely a study of charting techniques and share price movements for educational purposes.Before making any investment decision you should consult your financial adviser.


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Charts and Commentary

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StockComment date
5GN 1 September 2020
ABC 16 October 2020
ALU 9 October 2020
AVH 1 September 2020
AWC 9 October 2020
BAP 29 September 2020
BID 30 September 2020
BUB 9 October 2020
BXB 9 October 2020
CCA 25 September 2020
CCL 9 October 2020
COH 16 October 2020
CSL 26 September 2020
CSR 8 October 2020
ECX 29 September 2020
EOS 14 October 2020
FPH 27 September 2020
LTR 9 October 2020
IPH 27 August 2020
IPL 27 August 2020
M7T 1 October 2020
MQG 16 October 2020
MSB 2 October 2020
MVP 9 October 2020
NCM 9 October 2020
ORI 9 October 2020
PLS 9 October 2020
PME 23 October 2020
PPS 18 September 2020
RED 11 September 2020
SLR 27 August 2020
SVY 23 October 2020
SXY 26 September 2020
TCL 6 September 2020
TSO 18 September 2020
VOC 18 September2020
WGN 9 October 2020
WBC 9 October 2020
WTC 16 October 2020

Video Commentary & Tutorials

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