Given one of the biggest problems new traders seem to have is not only when to buy, but having bought, how and when to sell.

Trendline trading at its basic is very, very simple but when you start to try and explain the fine detail of drawing trendlines it is becomes to complex for most people. This video tries to simplify the process (dumb it down if you will) so that most people can find something that can help them protect their capital.

Rules come with caveats - you have to be religious about using them if you want to get any value from them. Stop losses are a good example. Most of us have trouble with selling. It seems a paper loss is not a 'real' loss to most people - but I can tell they are real and you will be a better investor/trader if you see them that way. You must have a stop loss when you are in a trade or you are gambling. Anyway, if you are still awake at the end of my video I suggest you get some charts (ideally where you have lost money) and try my suggestions. And remember, these theories don't really work well (or at all) with volatile or low value stocks (penny dradfuls).

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Charts and Commentary

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StockComment date
4DS 30 October 2020
ABC 16 October 2020
ALU 9 October 2020
AWC 24 November 2020
BAP 29 September 2020
BID 30 September 2020
BKL 24 November 2020
BLD 13 November 2020
BPT 13 November 2020
CBA 13 November 2020
CHN 19 November 2020
COH 16 October 2020
CSL 13 November 2020
CSR 8 October 2020
FBU 13 November 2020
FPH 27 September 2020
GEM 3 November 2020
LOV 13 November 2020
M7T 20 November 2020
MQG 13 November 2020
MSB 20 November 2020
MVP 9 October 2020
NXT 13 November 2020
OZL 11 November 2020
PAR 6 November 2020
PLS 13 November 2020
PME 23 October 2020
SGM 23 October 2020
SVY 13 November 2020
TCL 6 September 2020
TRS 20 November 2020
VOC 13 November 2020
WGN 20 November 2020
WOR 24 November 2020
WTC 13 November 2020


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