PPS has moved up strongly last week and confirmed a target of $0.63 which is a 13% gain on Friday's close. 

PPS 18 Sept 2020

28 August 2020

PPS has fallen back from its previous target of $0.56 (see below) but if it reverses and breaks higher above $0.56 then it will have a target of $0.70 (about 42% above current price). Price could also drift back down to the support line around $0.46 so it would be wise to wait and see which way price moves before leaping in. While it trends quite well when price is rising its last long rise had quite a sawtooth pattern and a backtest is necessary to see if PPS could be a could longterm Trendline Trading Technique prospect. I may post a video of this test shortly.

PPS 28Aug2020

14 August 2020

PPS appears to have been making a Wyckoff Pattern which means the higher weekly lows and highs should continue for a time. Price has broken a downtrend line and since made a new uptrend. Price has also made a resistance break pattern with a target of $0.56 which coincides nicely with the top of the Wyckoff Pattern rectangle and the top boundary of a rising price channel. PPS seems to tick all the boxes.

PPS 14Aug2020


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