In the 2 months since the analysis below, price has continues to rise, break above a downtrend line, confirm a new uptrend and uptrend line while making higher troughs and peaks. It remails a good long term trade option.

18 September 2020

Price has moved up towards its $3.95 interim but fell back 5% on Friday with the large solid weekly candle suggesting more falls next week. Stock is still well above my stock loss and could fall from its present price of $3.51 towards $3.40 being the underlying uptrend support. The stock has made a Wyckoff pattern with a target of $5.90 – which would be nice if it happens. While bought on the basis of a short-term target, I’m planning to trade this stock long term using trendline trading techniques.

VOC 18Sept2020

21 August 2020

VOC has completed a resistance break pattern this week with a short-term target of $3.95 – a 16% increase on the current price. Price needs to break and close above resistance and I have a conditional buy order in place.

VOC 21Aug2020


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