LTR looks as if it will break above resistance at $2.00 and if it can achieve that there are a number of potential targets of decreasing liklihood - $2.12, $2.35 and $2.70.

LTR 25Mar22

30 December 2020

Price fell back a little following the strong green candle at the time of the post below. However, it then rose from a level of support at $0.32 before reflecting down again from overhead ressitance at $0.34. Price would still seem to be signalling an intent to break higher. Should it do so my revised target is $0.41 - $0.42.

8 December 2020

This post is starting to accumulate some history. LTR has made a pennant pattern on a daily chart but not on the weekly (patterns generally require 2 weekly peaks and 2 troughs on each boundary to be considered valid). It broke out of the daily pattern with gusto and presented a possible target of $0.38. In this instance there are other charting methods that confirm that probable target - so pennant or no pennant it looks like having a high profitability of moving up. With LTR being at an all-time high there won't be any unhappy shareholders out there, under water and looking to unload - so little selling pressure apart from a few profit takers. I have a conditional buy on LTR.

LTR 8Nov20

9 October 2020

Read the August analysis below and then look at the recent chart. Another charting success story - other than the suggested target of $0.16 - $0.17 was well and truly exceeded. Chart action and further analysis subsequent to that August post suggested a target closer to $0.195

LTR 9 Oct2020

22 August 2020

LTR isn’t a stock I’ve traded previously as it has spent a lot of its life below $0.10 and I rarely trade stocks of such low value. Anyway, I’m always keen to see what the charts tell me about an unfamiliar stock.

Too many traders concentrate on daily charts and while they contain important information I always start with a big picture view on the weekly. In the chart below LTR appears to be rising on Elliott Wave 3 which, being the longest and strongest rising wave in a cycle, is a positive. Price has broken below a downtrend line (the solid black diagonal line) and made an uptrend (12 weekly higher bars) although it needs another trough to draw an uptrend line. Price looks to have been rising in a large channel (bounded by blue dashed lines). What I really like is that price has made three tries at breaking a resistance level at $0.135 (could be $0.14) and while it fell back a little Friday to make a Dragonfly Doji (you have to love their names!) which signifies a possible change in trend. LTR makes a lot of doji so I don’t know how much to read into that but previously dragonfly doji seem to have been followed by higher prices. The resistance break pattern suggests an interim target of $0.16 and subsequent target of $0.17. Time will tell.

Happy trading.

LTR 22Aug2020


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