SLR – Will it go higher?

SLR has been rising strongly but the chart suggests to me that it is about time for an Elliott Wave 4 to come into play given Fibonacci extensions of Wave 1. As a falling wave this would see prices fall to perhaps $1.50 - $1.80 (depending on how steep the fall is – continuation of current momentum supports $1.50) before rising to ultimately make a new high somewhere north of $2.80

A channel can be drawn up the rising prices that also suggests price might have recently reversed of the upper boundary of that channel. If right I’d suspect the $1.50 - $1.80 fall is confirmed by that being the lower boundary of said channel. The last price cycle’s W4 fell 40% and if repeated, that would also confirm a target of around $1.50

At this time I can’t see any long-term exit signal but if it falls to close lower than yesterday’s close which was at support on $2.10, then the stock has made a lower low and the next stop down could be $1.80.

On the daily chart there are exit signals a plenty. Huge bearish engulfing candle made the high on the upper channel boundary and price made a lower low at $2.51 where a short-term trader might have closed out. Current price action suggests price falling to around $1.86

Charting always has alternatives and with SLR I can see an argument that yesterdays close at $2.10 could be a bottom and price will rise up again – for a time. A material pullback is due so any rise might be short-lived.

If a long-term holder I would not be pushing the panic button. If a short-term trader I would not be in the trade and I would not be considering buying until the chart suggested it. I would be keeping my powder dry for a turn up post the channel bottom.  

SLR 27Aug2020


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