Someone alerted me to TSO's potential move up last Wednesday and my own analyisi of the chart suggested TSO could have a target of $0.29 (Rule 1 of trading - never base a trade on a tip unless your own analysis backs it up).

The pattern wasn't that strong in my opinion but probably worth a punt. I also had concerns that until 6 months ago, volumes had been very low, Low value, illiquid stocks without several years of history are high risk in my book so my trade was only a very small one. I bought on Thursday but gave away some potential profit because the order was conditional on prices moving up from Wednesday (the move up creates a higher probability that further rises are on the cards). Price fell back (profit-takers I expect) to close lower but rose 32% on Friday (today) to close exactly on my target (again proving the value of good charting knowledge). I sold prior to the target when price hesitated and looked like it might have run its race and getting out with a 15% profit for a 24 hour trade on a stock I wasn't 100% happy with seemed to be a better move than waiting around to see what happened only to find price tanks.
Often prices fall back after reaching a target like this so I'd be cautious of TSO and probably wait for a pullback followed by prices moving up again.

Trading stocks like CSR, CCl and PLS at the moment seem to offer less downside risk that something like TSO - which could take your money.

There isn't much to say about TSO in a charting sense other than it is in an uptrend and making higher lows and highs on the weekly chart (chart below is daily). It may be forming a channel in which case I'd expect price to fall back to the lower boundary around $0.23 before moving up again. That move would also validate a steeper weekly uptrend line that could be used to guide future trades. I'll be watching it for a future opportunity to present.

TSO 18Sep2020


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