The stocks listed on this page are ones that have been identified as having potential for price to move up. Note carefully  that 'potential' does not mean 'guaranteed' and anyone considering buying based on these comments must do their own research. Most of the stocks listed below need to make certain specific price moves to be considered a 'Buy' and understanding what those moves are will require readers/students to undertake their own analysis.

New listing will be added as identified and existing listings will be reviewed weekly and updated or deleted as appropriate.

Chart analysis of the stocks listed immediately below can be found in the Stock Commentary section (just click on the share code to go there).

ABC (9 October 2020)

ALU (9 October 2020)

CCL (9 October 2020)

CSR (8 October 2020)

PLS (9 October 2020)


The stocks analyised below (DSE, PTB, PPH, SAR & WOR) do not appear separately in the Stock Commentary area of this site.

DSE (9 October 2020)

Previous target of $0.09 achieved and new target of $0.12 is suggested but there is potential resistance at $0.10 which needs to be watched. Price needs to close above $0.09 to confirm the new target.

2 October 2020

I don’t recommend trading shares with a value of less than $0.10 because they tend to be illiquid. DSE is probably completing an Elliott Wave sub-wave 4 of a larger Wave 1. Price has been trading sideways in a flag pattern for 3 months and a break out of that pattern has an initial target of $0.09 and a subsequent target of $0.097 to $0.10, potentially $0.12 – depending on how price unfolds. Price has made a new weekly uptrend following the lows of March, however price broke below that valid uptrend line at the end of July and confirmed a new downtrend at the end of September. With price in a technical downtrend (but a valid downtrend line can’t be drawn), buying prior to price breaking out of the flag pattern by closing above $0.076 (ideally with a spike in volume) would be very high risk – despite the potential 18% to 55% price rise the chart hints at. One for the thrill seekers!

DSE 2Oct20


PTB (8 October 2020)

PTB has fallen back to the lower boundary of the price channel shown in the chart and could be expected to now rise back and hopefully complete the resistance break pattern outlined below. While 'expected to rise' if price falls out of the bottom of the channel this analysis will need to be reviewed.

2 October 2020 : PTB paid a 10.5% dividend today which was reflected in 5.5% fall for the day and 8% for the week. It remains a stock of interest.

26 September 2020

Price made a resistance break pattern suggesting a target of $0.89 but then fell back a little to again retest the resistance. Price needs to close above $0.80 for the target to remain active.

PTB 26Sept2020

PPH (26 September 2020)

PPH appears to be making a Wave 4 and (if correct) when it moves into Wave 5 (which it may already be doing) there is the potential for further material price rises. Price rose last week to a $8.13 resistance level and if it breaks above that to reach $9.00 with some spike in volume at that level there is a potential $11.31 target. Potentially a buy if price rises Monday, but some risk exists for price reversal until price breaks above $9.00. Possible Wyckoff pattern (rectangle on chart) here which could suggest generally higher troughs and peaks for a time.

PPH 28Sept2020

SAR (9 October 2020)

SAR is in an uptrend and above a weekly uptrend line. Like many mining stocks its Elliott Wave pattern is unclear but my best guess it currently rising on Wave 5 to make more all time highs. It is also generally making higher weekly troughs and peaks (although it regularly makes 1 week declines to break a smooth pattern in this regard. With price generally rising for several years SAR seems to have a lot going for it – at least until price reaches the top of Wave 5 and rolls over to fall strongly (this isn’t on my time horizon yet). The pattern of the last weekly peak, subsequent fall to retest (and confirm) the current uptrend line, and the recent strong rise from that level suggests a target of $7.38.

SAR 9Oct2020

WOR (9 October 2020)

WOR appears to be starting a climb on Elliott Wave 3, making higher troughs and peaks on a weekly chart, in an uptrend and above a weekly uptrend line. Price has also just broken above resistance at $10.49 and assuming it moves up from its current price it should achieve a target of $13.23. Interestingly, there is a gap in the weekly price candles when price was falling into its March low. There is a probability that when price rises (as it is now) it will fill the gap (ie rise above it), something that would see price get to at least $12. WOR is potentially a good long term hold.

WOR 9Oct2020


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