PPK is a stock I haven’t looked at before and while my trading is based solely on what the charts tell me, it’s always worth looking at the basic fundamentals when considering ‘fresh meat’. PPK released their Annual Report recently which, based on a quick read,  seems very positive. A technology stock making a small profit, paying a dividend and seemingly with good liquidity has to be a plus. In part the company is joint ventured with Deakin University.

Back to the chart, price has a very clear Elliott Wave count (something I always like) and price seems to have recently started rising on Wave 3 – the longest and strongest rising wave in a price cycle. There is a strong level of resistance at $4.85 and a break and close above that level suggests a short- term target of $6.07 and potentially a higher target of $6.70. The higher target has the stronger pattern so that is my guess where price will head in the short to medium term. Incidentally, price movements last week suggested that the $4.85 resistance was an even earlier target, albeit now not sufficiently far enough above current price for it to pass the risk/reward test, 

Price is in an uptrend, above a valid weekly uptrend and making higher troughs and peaks on the weekly chart. In summary, PPK has a very strong chart and for me an aggressive buy at the current price (based on an expectation of price moving above $4.85) but it would not be unexpected for price to fall back after achieving $4.85. Anyone buying now would need to watch price closely around that target level and have a solid stop loss policy. The more conservative approach would be to wait for price to move above $4.85 but that could see less potential profit in the trade and given the 8.5% move up last Friday (17% for the week), there is always the risk of 'missing the bus' if there is a continued strong move up.

PKK 18Oct2020


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