26 February 2021


The stocks listed on this page are ones that have been identified as having potential for price to move up. Note carefully  that 'potential' does not mean 'guaranteed' and anyone considering buying based on these comments must do their own research. I only include stocks I'd put my own money into - and those who follow my weekly blog will see I often do. Most of the stocks listed below need to make certain specific price moves to be considered a 'Buy' and understanding what those moves are will require readers/students to undertake their own analysis.

New listing will be added as identified and existing listings will be reviewed weekly and updated or deleted as appropriate.

Purchasers of my education modules or mentoring service receive access to trading a portfolio of medium to long-term stocks using trendline trading as  (Read more...) 

For my New Years stock picks for 2021 - click here. (LAST REVIEWED - 15 FEBRUARY 2021)

Some stocks (generally those that have been traded) appear in my Stock Commentary page but others may be listed at the foot of this page. Clicking on the stock code in the following table  will take you to that stock's analysis.

ECX  Removed  HM1
NEA Removed NCM
ORA Removed TRS
PLS Removed WGN
PNV Removed  
SIQ RemovedABC 
RWC RemovedHM1 
VOC  RemovedWGN 


Removed Stocks

Numerous stocks have been removed due to prices moving back in line with the general market.

Last weeks performance 

8 out of 13 listed stocks fell for an average decline of about 3.5% overall. As for last week, the falling market and volatility has impacted on predictions. 



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