GEM has moved up since the November post below, but not as positively as I had hoped. That said the price channel it has been trading in for the past 4 months remains intact as is the $1.61 target. It is possible the price channel upper boundary is higher than shown on the chart. I have continued to hold as the analysis hasn't said to abandon ship yet.

GEM 29Dec20

3 November 2020

GEM lost over 90% of its value since between 2014 and the March 2020 low. Since March (which was probably the low of the price cycle) price has risen to break above a downtrend line and today confirm a new uptrend after testing resistance at around $1.19 three times. Hopefully it will break higher and is so there is a target of $1.61. A bit of a dark horse (keeping with the Cup theme today) but it has enough promise for me to buy a small parcel today.

GEM 3 Nov2020



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